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Enhance your HR operations and increase employee engagement and productivity to improve overall workforce management.



Streamline time tracking and attendance across multiple devices; mobile, tablets and desktops. Equipped with face recognition and geolocation.

Jibble Payroll Malaysia


Stay on top of your business accounts anywhere, anytime. Easily track sales, create invoices and transactions on the go.

Integrasi QuickBooks Malaysia


Manage accounting, bookkeeping and invoicing with a few clicks from anywhere, on any platform.

Xero Payroll Malaysia

Zoho People

Automate and simplify HR tasks with a customizable HR software, built to meet your business needs.

Zoho Payroll Malaysia ->


Manage salary and statutory payments easily with a few simple clicks, saving valuable time in payroll processing.

Integrasi Bank

Coming Soon


Streamline your accounting and manage sales, expenses and cashflows efficiently on the cloud. 

bukku logo

Easy Work

A comprehensive HR system mobile app & attendance system for all organizational needs.


Manage accounting, payroll, and tax processes accurately. Suitable for small business owners to ease their accounting operations. 

financio logo

Manage projects and workflows with confidence. Boost team alignment, efficiency, and productivity by customising any workflow to fit your needs.

Oracle’s Taleo

Source, recruit, develop and retain top talents in your organization.


A comprehensive HR management system to suit your business needs.


Reduce time spent on HR tasks and sync data directly to your POS system.

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