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About Xero

Xero provides easy-to-use cloud accounting software, simplifying financial tasks for businesses of any size.

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Xero + PayrollPanda

Integrate your Xero and PayrollPanda accounts to streamline financial management by generating bills automatically, and mapping payment items and recipients to your Xero expense accounts and contacts.

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Real-Time Financial Insights

Access updated financial data in Xero with a simple click or have data synced automatically from PayrollPanda after every payroll run. Ensure accurate and complete accounts with minimal manual work.

Run Payroll
Run Payroll

Time and Cost Savings

PayrollPanda and Xero automate accounting tasks, saving time and minimizing errors. Run payroll in a few clicks and sync the necessary information to your accounts automatically with maintained accuracy.

User-Friendly Interface

PayrollPanda and Xero prioritize easy-to-use and simple interfaces for easy payroll and accounting management, suitable even for non-accountants or HR personnel.

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Scalability and Flexibility

PayrollPanda and Xero integration provide customizable solutions that adapt to your business needs. Its cloud-based infrastructure facilitates convenient access and updates, ensuring the efficiency and adaptability of your payroll processes over time.

Streamlined Data Transfer

Say goodbye to manual data entry with Xero Malaysia payroll software and boost productivity in your business operations. Streamline your processes and focus on growth.

Integrate PayrollPanda and Xero
Integrate with Xero

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  3. Connect your Xero account with PayrollPanda to begin syncing crucial details for smooth payroll processing.
  4. Voila! You’re all set to roll!
  5. Learn how to integrate Payrollpanda and Xero here!


Some frequently asked questions...

Users can process Malaysian payroll by integrating Xero with PayrollPanda, streamlining the entire payroll management process.

Yes, Xero simplifies payroll by integrating with PayrollPanda, allowing for seamless payroll processing. This integration helps consolidate payroll items, manage payments, and ensure compliance with tax regulations, making payroll management more efficient and less time-consuming.

Yes, an accounting system is helpful for small businesses. It helps track income and expenses, manage cash flow, and stay tax-compliant. Xero is a good choice for small companies and offers useful integrations that simplify tasks like invoicing, payroll, and reconciliation.

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