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Individual malaysian payslip template

Individual Payslip Template

This template includes all the essential payslip details, including gross pay, EPF, SOCSO, tax deductions, employer contributions and net pay.

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Individual Payslip Template with HRDF

This template incorporates the HRDF contribution section. The HRDF levy is an important requirement for employers who meet specific criteria. 

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Individual malaysian payslip template with HRDF
Malaysian monthly payroll report template

Monthly Payroll Report Template

This template allow you to log your entire company’s payroll for a specific month. Great for a quick overview of your monthly payroll expenses and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Detailed Payroll Report Template

This report offers an in-depth view of your entire company’s payroll for a specific month, offering insights into employee costs, deductions, and employer contributions.

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Malaysian detailed monthly payroll report template
Malaysian detailed monthly payroll report with HRDF template

Detailed Payroll Report Template with HRDF

This report includes separate sections for HRDF contributions. It provides a clear breakdown of the total HRDF levy for each employee.

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