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Use PayrollPanda for free to manage your internal payroll*.

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Use PayrollPanda at a special partner rate to manage payroll for your clients.

New revenue stream

Provide value to your clients by referring them to PayrollPanda and earn a commission.

Grow with us

The more you grow, the more you get. Continue referring and adding clients to scale up the partner hierarchy.

Guaranteed compliance

Leave the tedious checks to us and focus on growing your business

Companies of all sizes

From SME to large enterprises, PayrollPanda is built to simplify Malaysian businesses’ payrolls. Fully compliant with LHDN and other statutory requirements, keeping your mind at ease.

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Mitigate risks & penalties

Stay on top of regulation changes and keep compliant without spending hours on manual checks. Our cloud payroll system carries this burden for you – a simple refresh of your tab gets you the latest update.

Link to accounting software

Send payroll data instantly to your accounting system after every payroll run. Synchronize data in just a few clicks; saving time and reducing errors

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Multiple employees
Generate and send payslips to employees

Effortless payroll management

Generate payslips and compliance forms such as Form E and Form EA as needed. Email them to your clients or directly to their employees straight from your payroll software.

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Our partners vary from large managed payroll firms to freelancers.

Accountants & Company Secretaries
HR Outsourcing Firms
Managed Payroll Businesses
Payroll & HR Freelancers

Trusted by Hundreds of Accountants

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