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Streamline your business operations with Zoho People's intuitive tools and seamless integration with PayrollPanda for effortless payroll processing.

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Experience optimized business processes with Zoho People’s comprehensive suite of intuitive tools, including customizable workflows, robust reporting, and smooth employee management, all designed to enhance efficiency and fuel HR growth.

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Syncing PayrollPanda with Zoho People

Zoho People + PayrollPanda

Elevate your workforce management with Zoho People and PayrollPanda integration. Sync working hours, overtime, paid and unpaid leave between the two platforms, and prepare easy access of payslips to employees.

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Robust HR Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your workforce with real-time performance, attendance, and payroll data synced between Zoho People and PayrollPanda.

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Ease of running payroll

Efficiency through Automation

Transform your payroll process effortlessly. Eliminate manual input of payroll hours and seamlessly streamline your payroll with Zoho People payroll software.

Effortless Data Synchronization

Sync data from Zoho People into PayrollPanda in seconds with ensured accuracy on the transfer of attendance records and leave balances to streamline payroll processing.

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Payroll details

Comprehensive Payroll Reporting

Access detailed reports for valuable financial insights; from payroll summaries to customizable tax reports, empowering informed decisions and strategic planning in your business.

User-Friendly Payroll Platform

PayrollPanda’s user-friendly interface simplifies complex payroll tasks. With seamless calculations and effortless report generation, our features are designed for easy navigation, ensuring operational efficiency for businesses of any size.

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Integrate Zoho People with PayrollPanda

Getting started is simple:

  1. Sign up for a PayrollPanda account and enjoy the first 30 days for free.
  2. Navigate to Integrations in PayrollPanda, then select Zoho People.
  3. Connect your Zoho People account with PayrollPanda to begin syncing necessary details for seamless payroll.
  4. You’re all set!
  5. How to integrate PayrollPanda and Zoho People?


Some frequently asked questions...

Yes, you can run Malaysia payroll with Zoho by integrating your Zoho People account with PayrollPanda, an LHDN-approved payroll software specifically tailored for Malaysian businesses.

The typical payroll process in Malaysia involves complex calculations and compliance tasks. However, our integration with Jibble, Zoho People, and altHR simplifies this by syncing time tracking and HR data with PayrollPanda, streamlining calculations, and reducing errors.

Yes, having leave data is important for running payroll accurately as it affects employees’ pay. With PayrollPanda’s integration with Zoho People, syncing leave data becomes effortless, ensuring precise payroll calculations and minimizing errors.

Setting up the integration between PayrollPanda and Zoho is straightforward. Users can sign up for PayrollPanda, go to Integrations, and click on Zoho People to connect their accounts. It’s a simple process that ensures smooth data synchronization between the two platforms.

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