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About Jibble

The new standard in time tracking

Jibble is a time tracking and attendance app with facial recognition and location tracking for accuracy. With Jibble, view reports at a glance on your mobile or laptop, anytime and anywhere.

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Tracking hours

Sync data for accurate time tracking

Eliminate the hassle of manually logging hours. Easily sync employee data into Jibble with a click. Employee’s tracked hours are synced to PayrollPanda on any device no matter where they are.

Smart location tracking

Accurately track employee location

With geofences, assign team members to specific locations and prevent them from clocking in when they are out of range.

Facial recognition attendance

Using advanced AI technology

With Jibble, staff just needs to show their face to their mobile or shared kiosk and they’ve clocked in. Secure, fast and easy.

Getting started is easy

Have your teams Jibbling in and out in no time

  1. Create an account with Jibble. It’s free forever for unlimited users.
  2. Start inviting your team members via Jibble.
  3. When your team starts clocking in and out, export the reports built for PayrollPanda
  4. Jibble’s direct integration with PayrollPanda is coming soon, keep an eye out for its release!
  5. That’s it!

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