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Simplify your entire HR process seamlessly with two compatible software solutions; altHR & PayrollPanda

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About altHR

altHR revolutionizes HR management with its comprehensive suite of tools. From recruitment to employee engagement, altHR streamlines HR processes for businesses of all sizes.

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altHR + PayrollPanda

Save time on tedious HR tasks when using altHR and PayrollPanda. Automatically create employees, sync expense details and allow employees easy payslip access once monthly payroll is completed. 

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Seamless Data Integration

Onboard new employees onto altHR and have them created automatically on PayrollPanda. Rely on one source of truth for employee details, keeping errors at a minimum.

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Payslip and claim

Make payroll a breeze

Sync expenses and claims from altHR to PayrollPanda to reimburse employees together with their salary payment. Managing payroll and finance has never been easier.

Mobile Accessibility

Empower your team with altHR’s mobile app, providing convenient on-the-go access to essential HR functions. Linked with PayrollPanda, employees can easily manage expenses and view payslips anytime, anywhere.

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Simplified Payroll Mastery

Effortlessly manage your entire payroll process with PayrollPanda. From automating payroll and tax calculations to generating payslips, PayrollPanda simplifies every step.

Automated Tax Compliance

PayrollPanda is an LDHN-Approved Payroll Software, that ensures accurate payroll and tax calculations and filings, minimizing errors and ensuring compliance with government requirements.

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PayrollPanda and altHR support

Dedicated Support

Get professional support on payroll and HR matters from two established experts. Reach out by email and live chat to receive personalized support on every query.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Create a PayrollPanda account and get the first 30 days for free.
  2. Go to altHR and select Settings > Integrations
  3. Connect your altHR account to PayrollPanda and configure the necessary settings to optimize routine HR tasks. 
  4. That’s it!


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Some frequently asked questions...

Yes, altHR seamlessly integrates with PayrollPanda, providing users with a comprehensive HR and payroll solution.

The best one-stop HR solution in Malaysia depends on your business needs. Popular options like Jibble, altHR, and Zoho People offer attendance tracking, leave management, and performance evaluations. While these are great HR solutions, they lack payroll features but can be countered with their integration with PayrollPanda, a leading payroll software in Malaysia. 

An HR system automates crucial tasks like attendance tracking and leave management, enhancing efficiency and compliance. Additionally, integrating with a payroll system like PayrollPanda ensures accurate payroll processing and tax compliance, offering a complete solution for HR and payroll needs.

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