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You can archive an employee, as well as permanently delete them if they are not part of any approved payroll.

Archive Employees

To archive an employee, click on the Archive icon for their profile in your Employees list.

Select the reason for leaving and the date of the last day they should be paid until. The employee will still appear in payrolls until the payroll month their last day falls into. In their last payroll month, their salary will be prorated according to their last day – unless you tick Do not prorate, in which case their full salary will be paid that month.

Permanently Delete Employees

You can permanently delete an archived employee who has not been included in any

approved payroll. Go to Archived and click on the Delete icon for the employee you want to delete.

Bulk Archive Employees

You can also archive multiple employees via Employees > Bulk Upload > Edit Employees.

Click on Download Sheet to download the template.

In the template sheet, go to the Archive Employee section and fill in the details for employees you want to archive.

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