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Honest Review:

A comprehensive HRMS software suite with user-friendly features but a rigid pricing structure

Written by Asim Qureshi
By Asim Qureshi, CEO PayrollPanda

As a CEO of a payroll software company, I need to know what my competitors are up to. That means I’m often researching about and/or playing around with their products, you know, it’s part of the job. Here, I share my findings of that research, giving credit to those competitors where credit is due and being honest about which products I believe you really need to avoid. For this particular review, I have asked my team to test and explore Info-Tech’s software. And so, there you have it, this review, and in it, we try to be honest, fair, and insightful…

This review covers:


As the CEO of PayrollPanda, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various HR and payroll software options. In this review, my team and I take a closer look at Info-Tech, a software company offering HR solutions to streamline organisational processes.

Info-Tech provides a range of software products, including cloud-based HR software, mobile attendance software, payroll software, leave management software, and expense claims software. Several users find Info-Tech’s offerings efficient and time-saving, praising its user-friendly interface.

However, there are some notable drawbacks with using Info-Tech. Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited customisation options and adaptability, occasional inefficiencies in face attendance capture, and inflexible reporting features.

Info-Tech’s pricing structure offers modules at RM 3 per staff per month but lacks transparency on its website regarding commitment terms and additional charges. They require a minimum one-year contract for at least 10 employees and charge a one-time training and setup fee of RM 300 plus SST. Notably, Info-Tech enforces a rigid billing policy: if your staff count exceeds 10 at any point during the year, you’ll be charged for an additional five employees for the rest of the year, even if it’s just one extra staff member for a brief period. 

Our experience with Info-Tech revealed some limitations, in particular when we intended to explore their payroll software. Upon enquiring, we were informed that they do not provide access to a trial. We were offered a demo instead. This approach didn’t align with our goal of a hands-on evaluation.

Our verdict, therefore, is based on the experiences of other users, public reviews, and the information available on Info-Tech’s website, rather than hands-on interaction with their payroll software.

In summary, Info-Tech provides a comprehensive suite of HR solutions, but potential users should be aware of its limitations in terms of customisation, pricing complexity and yearly commitments, as well as the lack of trial access. It’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate your needs and understand the full scope of Info-Tech’s offerings before committing.

Info-Tech's logo

What Do Users Like About Info-Tech?

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient and time-saving
  • User friendly interface

What Don’t Users Like About Info-Tech?

  • Limited customisation options and adaptability
  • Occasional inefficient and delayed face attendance capture
  • Reporting feature is not as flexible

What Pricing Plans Does Info-Tech Offer?

  • Attendance App & Attendance Software: RM 3/ Staff/ Month. Includes face recognition, GPS tracking, project selection, real-time monitoring and more. 
  • Payroll Software: RM 3/ Staff/ Month. Includes work permit expiry reminder, automated statutory calculations, bank integrations, payroll reports and more
  • Leave Software: RM 3/ Staff/ Month. Includes app for leave application and approval, unpaid leave linked to payroll, leave reporting and more. 
  • Claims Software: RM 3/ Staff/ Month. Includes app to apply and approve claims, option to link claims to payroll, export reports to Excel and more. 
  • Appraisal Software: RM 3/ Staff/ Month. Includes customisable appraisal templates, recommendations for increments, bonuses, promotions etc, appraisal summary reports and more. 
  • Human Resource Software: RM 3/ Staff/ Month. Includes customisable onboarding/ offboarding checklists, assigning training to employees, screening candidates, a platform for employees to write grievances and more.

NOTE: Info-Tech’s website lacks transparency regarding commitment terms, additional charges, and minimum employee requirements. Potential customers should be cautious about the pricing structure’s complexity and its potential impact on flexibility and costs.

What are the Standout Features of Info-Tech?

HRMS Products:

1. HRMS Software

Info-Tech’s HRMS Software is a cloud-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solution designed to assist businesses in managing their HR needs more efficiently. It includes a range of features such as face recognition, a mobile attendance app, fingerprint readers, time attendance management, leave management, claims management, and payroll software. This all-in-one HR software is integrated with a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) database, allowing you to access employee data on-the-go. It also offers features like onboarding, custom reports, assets management, career progression tracking, and more. Info-Tech’s HRMS Software is designed to support businesses in achieving their goals and addressing HR challenges with tailored solutions.

2. Mobile Attendance

Info-Tech’s mobile attendance system is an attendance app that uses Face Recognition and GPS technology to accurately record employee attendance. It helps businesses manage attendance with features like:

The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can integrate with Info-Tech’s HR portal for real-time attendance tracking. It’s especially useful for small businesses looking to ensure accurate attendance records and location tracking.

3. Time Attendance Software

Info-Tech’s time attendance software is a cloud-based solution that captures attendance data through mobile and tablet apps with GPS and face recognition features, as well as biometric machines. It also allows online planning, reduces payroll costs, controls absenteeism, and prevents salary fraud.

Info-tech's view of their mobile app with facial recognition

4. Payroll Software

Info-Tech’s payroll software streamlines payroll calculation and is approved by LHDN, KWSP, SOCSO and the majority of banks in Malaysia for salary transfer. The payroll software integrates with attendance and leave software, as well as Info-Tech’s claim software. It automates payroll processing and supports essential payroll functions and HR management features. The software allows customised reporting, online statutory contributions, and integration with banks for salary transfers

5. Leave Management Software

Info-Tech’s leave management software simplifies leave application and approval processes through web browsers or a mobile app. It offers benefits such as reduced paperwork, real-time updates, fewer payroll errors, and enhanced transparency. Key features include a mobile application for leave requests, attachment uploads, leave balance tracking, daily leave alerts, and multi-level approval structures for efficient management.View of Info-Tech's leave app

6. Claims Management Software

Info-Tech’s claims management software offers a convenient and paperless solution for processing claims. Employees can scan receipts using their smartphones, and the system automatically populates the expense data. The software supports up to a three-level approval structure and allows customisable approving officers. Approved claims are integrated into the HR and payroll systems, with details appearing on employees’ payslips. 

7. Performance Appraisal Software

Info-Tech’s performance appraisal software simplifies the process of setting and reviewing employee goals. The software accommodates different appraisal templates and integrates approved appraisals into the HR and Payroll System. Employees can access the online appraisal form, perform self-evaluations, and track feedback and goals. Approving officers can evaluate staff appraisals, input marks for categories, and make recommendations for increments, bonuses, and promotions. 

8. Human Resource Software

Info-Tech’s human resource software is a comprehensive tool that assists in managing various HR functions. It includes features for onboarding and offboarding, training management, grievance handling, meeting room booking, and the creation of organisational charts. Key features include onboarding/offboarding checklists, templates for memos and letters, the ability to customise organisational charts, and tools for training management and grievance resolution. Info-Tech’s HR Software provides a suite of assistance for HR professionals to streamline these essential HR functions.

9. Project Cost Management Software

The project cost management software of Info-Tech is a cloud-based solution designed to track labour expenses and calculations for various projects. It captures employees’ time spent on each project using a mobile app or biometric machines, calculating project costs based on their salaries and payroll benefits. Key features of the software include the ability to capture actual time spent for every job by individual staff, record multiple job details for a staff member on the same day, generate monthly reports, project summaries, time comparison reports, and cost comparison reports. This software provides insights into project expenses and resource allocation.


1. Accounting Software

Info-Tech’s accounting software is a solution designed to meet the accounting needs of businesses in Malaysia. This cloud-hosted software is suitable for SMEs and enables users to track, create, and send bills, analyse profits, and manage financial records from anywhere, including remote work settings. The software offers customisable invoicing and billing templates as well as integration with payroll. It also supports inventory management, bill creation and management, purchase orders, quotations, and tax compliance. Info-Tech’s accounting software provides features for businesses to manage their accounts, and it offers mobile app access for on-the-go accounting tasks.

Biometric Systems:

1. Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Info-Tech’s biometric fingerprint readers are essential systems used for recording employees’ attendance and calculating overtime. These readers offer various verification options, including fingerprint scanning and face recognition. They capture employees’ data, which is automatically synchronised with Info-Tech’s HRMS software.

2. Door Access System

Info-Tech’s door access system, equipped with biometric fingerprint and face recognition readers, ensures secure access control and attendance tracking. It features optical sensors, flexible time zone settings, proximity card backup access, and integration with HRMS software for real-time data synchronisation.

Payroll Outsourcing:

1. Payroll Outsourcing Services

Info-Tech’s payroll outsourcing services in Malaysia offer payroll management for businesses of all sizes. With a dedicated payroll specialist and a focus on data security, they handle new hires, resignations, and payroll calculations. Their services include salary disbursement, detailed payroll reports, itemised payslips, and annual income tax return preparation and submission. Leave administration is also part of their comprehensive offering.

Selected Positive User Feedback:

  • Saves time in Time attendance tracking and Leave management” – Tony S. (Source Capterra)
  • Applying for leaves is quite convenient. Checking of payroll is ok.” Germain H. (Source Capterra)
  • Easy to use and very effective, that is after the setup and daily use” – Miaw G. (Source Capterra)
  • This is a very nice software, user friendly and easy to learn– Carisa N. (Source Capterra)
  • I find it user-friendly and intuitive, with a comprehensive suite of tools available for use.– Ruknesh R. (Source Capterra)
  • “Overall the app is very useful and easy to use.” – Rodolfo G. (Source Capterra)
  • “Applying leave is super simple and very easy to track– Zachary C. (Source Capterra)

Selected Negative User Feedback:

  • It is very expensive and not easy to use in the leave and schedule section.” – Susan C. (Source Capterra)
  • System not friendly but the customer support staff […] is patient.” – Susan C. (Source Capterra)
  • Some additional capabilities like sorting the table with the date could be done. Because to find a claim that is pending, I have to search it by clicking one by one” – Yuvaraj M. (Source Capterra)
  • Ready reports not sufficient. Most of the time, we will need to customize the reports as per MOM’s requirements.” – Goh I. (Source Capterra)
  • Clocking in and out of work is not very efficient as we have to make sure to stand there for a while to ensure it’s secured. Could be sharper in terms of capturing face attendance and faster checking of clocking in and out. The app is slow in processing in and out timing. It can be a few hours delay or days. It should be an instant reflection on the app.” – Germain H. (Source Capterra)
  • A bit complicated to navigate within the software” – Miaw G. (Source Capterra)
  • Unable to track overtime for staff who start work early” – Joanne T. (Source Capterra)
  • I have to switch between Info Pay and Info Leave to search for some reporting which can only be found in either one module.” – Elysia S. (Source Capterra)

What are Info-Tech’s Ratings from Review Sites?

(As of March 2024)

  • Capterra: 4.8/5
  • G2: 4.6/5
  • GetApp: 4.8/5

What Were the Shortcomings in Our User Experience with Info-Tech?

1. No Trial Access

In our ongoing pursuit to explore and assess various payroll and HR software solutions, we were excited to see what Info-Tech has to offer. While Info-Tech boasts a range of HR management tools, we were particularly interested in giving their payroll software a spin. We believe in thorough examination, and our experience during the initial stages left us with a few concerns regarding their user engagement approach. 

Our journey began when we reached out to Info-Tech through their website with a simple request – access to their payroll software for a trial. We anticipated a prompt acknowledgement email or at least a confirmation of our inquiry, but we only received the reply after the weekend.

We were asked for an extensive list of company information. They inquired about our company name, phone numbers, address, email, and the specific product we were interested in. 

To our dismay, Info-Tech informed us that they do not offer trials of their payroll software. Instead, they sent us two links to YouTube videos that merely provided an overview of their product. While videos can offer a glimpse, they fall short of providing the hands-on experience we desire. Sure, a demo was offered as an alternative, but it’s not a true substitute for the practical exploration of a product.

In contrast, many other software providers offer a more flexible approach, allowing users to sign up, explore the software at their own pace, and then decide if they require additional in-depth training or onboarding assistance. The lack of this flexibility may deter potential users who have limited time and want to expedite the evaluation process.

Sometimes, you’re just curious, and you don’t want to go through the whole shebang of a demo. You might be the kind of person who likes to dive into things at your own pace, without all the formalities. 

enquiry submission on info-tech's website

2. Rigid Pricing and Commitment

Only upon our specific enquiry about pricing, asking whether a commitment or specific contract was required, did the sales staff reply with surprising information. They stated that their minimum contract is for one year, with a subscription of at least 10 employees. The cost breakdown they provided was for a minimum of 10 employees for 1 year and included a 1-time training and setup fee of RM 300 plus SST.

When we pointed out that this information was not visible on their pricing page, Info-Tech’s response was puzzling. They explained that they would always quote based on a 12-month commitment, meaning you would need to pay for 10 employees for one full year. If there’s an increase in headcount during the year, they would automatically charge for a minimum of 5 additional staff. In other words, if you exceed your 10-employee limit at any point during the year, you will be automatically charged for an additional five employees for the rest of the year, regardless of whether you have only one extra employee for a single month. This practice seems unfair and inflexible.

To make matters worse, there’s no refund or credit offered if you later reduce your employee headcount back to the original 10 during the remainder of the year. The billing will only be revised during the second-year renewal. This means you’re forced to pay for five extra employees even if you have just one additional staff member for a short period.

When we asked for more details on their pricing tiers, they simply referred us to their pricing page, which didn’t mention any of the information we were just told. What was even more baffling was that when we inquired for a more detailed quotation based on the pricing they provided, we were informed that their pricing tiers were not available to the public. Instead, they redirected us to attend a demo, promising to disclose their pricing only after that.

The lack of a trial option, an intricate pricing structure with hidden clauses, and the absence of refunds or credits for unused services might make it a less attractive choice for businesses looking for some more flexibility and transparency in their payroll software providers.

While the product features may seem appealing on paper, it’s important to consider the user experience and the financial commitments tied to it. Ultimately, businesses should weigh their options and fully understand the terms before diving into an agreement.

What’s Our Final Verdict on Info-Tech?

In summary, Info-Tech offers a comprehensive suite of HR and payroll software solutions. While feedback from users indicates that it’s user-friendly and intuitive, our experience as prospective users was hindered by the absence of trial access. Instead, potential users are required to participate in an online demo and consultation, which might not align with their preferences. 

Additionally, the minimum commitment of 10 employees for a one-year contract should be carefully considered, as it may not suit every business’s needs and flexibility. As a result, while Info-Tech’s offerings hold promise for efficient HR management, businesses should weigh the advantages and limitations before making a decision. 

For some businesses, particularly when it involves payroll or time tracking, alternative solutions may be more suitable.


...about Info-Tech

Info-tech requires a minimum of 10 users and a 1-year contract which is pretty rigid than most businesses would like. If you only have 8 employees you don’t want to be paying for two non-existent users just to use Info-Tech.

While pricing seems straightforward at first, watch out for minimum commitments, potential extra charges, and no refunds if your staff count fluctuates.

A great alternative to Info-Tech is PayrollPanda, a robust and user-friendly payroll software solution.

Just like Info-Tech, PayrollPanda offers comprehensive features for HR and payroll management, including leave management, employee self-service, and payroll processing. It’s tailored for small and mid-sized businesses and offers seamless automation, tax calculations, and compliance with local regulations.

Be prepared for a minimum one-year contract for at least 10 employees, and if your headcount increases, you’ll pay for five extras for the rest of the year.

Info-Tech’s Time and Attendance software is not free; it’s priced at RM 3 per staff per month. However, Info-Tech’s website lacks transparency regarding commitment terms, additional charges, and minimum employee requirements, so potential customers should exercise caution and seek more detailed information about costs and flexibility.

Alternatively, Jibble is a 100% free time and attendance software, without any employee or time limit.

Info-Tech’s core products include HRMS, mobile attendance, payroll, leave management, claims management, performance appraisal, and more. Each product typically involves a cost per employee per month and a minimum one-year commitment.

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