SOCSO Contribution Rates 2024

The Social Security Organization (SOCSO) in Malaysia manages social security schemes, including employee contributions for social protection. These contributions are helpful for providing assistance to an employee during unforeseen situations such as occupational injuries, disabilities, and diseases.

As of 2022, the contribution rates for the scheme are based on an employee’ monthly wages. An employee only contributes 0.5% of their monthly salary, whereas an employer contributes 1.25% of the employee’s monthly wage.

However, SOCSO contribution rates vary for increased monthly wages. An employee earning more than RM4,000 per month has a fixed contribution rate of RM19.75, and the employer has to pay RM49.50.

These rates are reviewed periodically to ensure adequate protection for workers from all industries. Our comprehensive poster for SOCSO rates in Malaysia provides a detailed overview of the different contribution rates set according to wage categories under the 2 schemes i.e. employment injury and invalidity scheme and the employment injury scheme.

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