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Online Banking

PayrollPanda generates bulk statutory payment files for supported banks so you can conveniently submit and pay contributions to the statutory bodies via your bank portal. Contributions will be automatically updated in your Assist Portal.

Perkeso Assist Portal

The Perkeso Assist Portal is a portal that allows employers to manage company details, employee information and monthly contributions for SOCSO and EIS. For more information, please read How to register with PERKESO Assist Portal.

PayrollPanda generates the SOCSO + EIS combined txt file introduced by PERKESO in July 2022. The file can be found in your payroll zip file, and is named according to the following format: SOCSO_EIS_082022.txt. The file can be uploaded in the Assist Portal under Contribution > SOCSO + EIS instead of uploading the separate SOCSO and EIS txt files.

If you prefer to submit SOCSO and EIS separately, PayrollPanda also generates the individual SOCSO and EIS text files.

1. First login and click on My Sites and select Contribution.

2. Click on SOCSO and then TEXT FILE.

3. Click on Choose File and upload your SOCSO_Assist_Portal.txt file generated by PayrollPanda and clik Next to proceed.

4. Click on Submit to proceed with the submission and payment.

For more detailed information on the Assist Portal, you can refer to the Assist Portal User Manual.

Payment Options for SOCSO

1. FPX Payment directly via the Perkeso Assist Portal

Note that for retail/private banking accounts (B2C), transactions can only be made for a minimum of RM1 up to a maximum of RM30,000. For company/corporate banking accounts, minimum transactions needs to be RM2 up to a maximum of RM1,000,000. Transaction limits are subject to individual Internet Banking limits.

2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Contact PERKESO’s Customer Service Hotline at 1-300-22-8000 or do send them an email at for more information.

3. Cheque, money order or postal order

You may submit a cheque, money order or postal order for the amount stated in the ECR. Please ensure that your cheque, money order or postal order is made payable to PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL or PERKESO and has the following details written on the back: Name, Employer Code, month and year of contribution.

4. Payment via Bank Counter

Currently available at Maybank, RHB Bank and Public Bank.

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