The Employment Insurance System, EIS, was first implemented in January 2018 by PERKESO. It is a financial scheme aimed at helping employees who lost their jobs until they find new employment. The contributions are being collected in a fund in order to provide financial assistance to retrenched employees. It also aims to provide extended welfare coverage and aid in job search via career counselling and job-hunting assistance.

1. Employer and Employee Contributions

All private sector employers need to pay monthly contributions for each employee. Civil servants, domestic servants and those who are self-employed are exempted. All Malaysian and permanent resident employees ages from 18 to 59 years old have to contribute. Employees aged from 57 to 59 who have never contributed to EIS are exempted from this protection plan.

2. Contribution Rates

The contribution rate for EIS is ~0.2% of the employee’s salary (employer share) and ~0.2% of the employee’s salary (employee share). The maximum eligible monthly salary is capped at RM5,000 from 1 September 2022. You may refer to the contribution table below for more information:

Amount of Wages Employer Contribution Employee Contribution Total Contribution
1 Wages up to RM30 5 sen 5 sen 10 sen
2 When wages exceed RM30 but not exceed RM50 10 sen 10 sen 20 sen
3 When wages exceed RM50 but not exceed RM70 15 sen 15 sen 30 sen
4 When wages exceed RM70 but not exceed RM100 20 sen 20 sen 40 sen
5 When wages exceed RM100 but not exceed RM140 25 sen 25 sen 50 sen
6 When wages exceed RM140 but not exceed RM200 35 sen 35 sen 70 sen
7 When wages exceed RM200 but not exceed RM300 50 sen 50 sen RM1.00
8 When wages exceed RM300 but not exceed RM400 70 sen 70 sen RM1.40
9 When wages exceed RM400 but not exceed RM500 90 sen 90 sen RM1.80
10 When wages exceed RM500 but not exceed RM600 RM1.10 RM1.10 RM2.20
11 When wages exceed RM600 but not exceed RM700 RM1.30 RM1.30 RM2.60
12 When wages exceed RM700 but not exceed RM800 RM1.50 RM1.50 RM3.00
13 When wages exceed RM800 but not exceed RM900 RM1.70 RM1.70 RM3.40
14 When wages exceed RM900 but not exceed RM1,000 RM1.90 RM1.90 RM3.80
15 When wages exceed RM1,000 but not exceed RM1,100 RM2.10 RM2.10 RM4.20
16 When wages exceed RM1,100 but not exceed RM1,200 RM2.30 RM2.30 RM4.60
17 When wages exceed RM1,200 but not exceed RM1,300 RM2.50 RM2.50 RM5.00
18 When wages exceed RM1,300 but not exceed RM1,400 RM2.70 RM2.70 RM5.40
19 When wages exceed RM1,400 but not exceed RM1,500 RM2.90 RM2.90 RM5.80
20 When wages exceed RM1,500 but not exceed RM1,600 RM3.10 RM3.10 RM6.20
21 When wages exceed RM1,600 but not exceed RM1,700 RM3.30 RM3.30 RM6.60
22 When wages exceed RM1,700 but not exceed RM1,800 RM3.50 RM3.50 RM7.00
23 When wages exceed RM1,800 but not exceed RM1,900 RM3.70 RM3.70 RM7.40
24 When wages exceed RM1,900 but not exceed RM2,000 RM3.90 RM3.90 RM7.80
25 When wages exceed RM2,000 but not exceed RM2,100 RM4.10 RM4.10 RM8.20
26 When wages exceed RM2,100 but not exceed RM2,200 RM4.30 RM4.30 RM8.60
27 When wages exceed RM2,200 but not exceed RM2,300 RM4.50 RM4.50 RM9.00
28 When wages exceed RM2,300 but not exceed RM2,400 RM4.70 RM4.70 RM9.40
29 When wages exceed RM2,400 but not exceed RM2,500 RM4.90 RM4.90 RM9.80
30 When wages exceed RM2,500 but not exceed RM2,600 RM5.10 RM5.10 RM10.20
31 When wages exceed RM2,600 but not exceed RM2,700 RM5.30 RM5.30 RM10.60
32 When wages exceed RM2,700 but not exceed RM2,800 RM5.50 RM5.50 RM11.00
33 When wages exceed RM2,800 but not exceed RM2,900 RM5.70 RM5.70 RM11.40
34 When wages exceed RM2,900 but not exceed RM3,000 RM5.90 RM5.90 RM11.80
35 When wages exceed RM3,000 but not exceed RM3,100 RM6.10 RM6.10 RM12.20
36 When wages exceed RM3,100 but not exceed RM3,200 RM6.30 RM6.30 RM12.60
37 When wages exceed RM3,200 but not exceed RM3,300 RM6.50 RM6.50 RM13.00
38 When wages exceed RM3,300 but not exceed RM3,400 RM6.70 RM6.70 RM13.40
39 When wages exceed RM3,400 but not exceed RM3,500 RM6.90 RM6.90 RM13.80
40 When wages exceed RM3,500 but not exceed RM3,600 RM7.10 RM7.10 RM14.20
41 When wages exceed RM3,600 but not exceed RM3,700 RM7.30 RM7.30 RM14.60
42 When wages exceed RM3,700 but not exceed RM3,800 RM7.50 RM7.50 RM15.00
43 When wages exceed RM3,800 but not exceed RM3,900 RM7.70 RM7.70 RM15.40
44 When wages exceed RM3,900 but not exceed RM4,000 RM7.90 RM7.90 RM15.80
45 When wages exceed RM4,000 but not exceed RM4,100 RM8.10 RM8.10 RM16.20
46 When wages exceed RM4,100 but not exceed RM4,200 RM8.30 RM8.30 RM16.60
47 When wages exceed RM4,200 but not exceed RM4,300 RM8.50 RM8.50 RM17.00
When wages exceed RM4,300 but not exceed RM4,400
RM8.70 RM8.70 RM17.40
When wages exceed RM4,400 but not exceed RM4,500
RM8.90 RM8.90 RM17.80
When wages exceed RM4,500 but not exceed RM4,600
RM9.10 RM9.10 RM18.20
When wages exceed RM4,600 but not exceed RM4,700
RM9.30 RM9.30 RM18.60
When wages exceed RM4,700 but not exceed RM4,800
RM9.50 RM9.50 RM19.00
When wages exceed RM4,800 but not exceed RM4,900
RM9.70 RM9.70 RM19.40
When wages exceed RM4,900 but not exceed RM5,000
RM9.90 RM9.90 RM19.80
55 When wages exceed RM5,000 RM9.90 RM9.90 RM19.80

3. EIS payment

If this is the first time you contribute EIS for your employees, you will need to register with PERKESO first – please see How to register with PERKESO Assist Portal to find out how. There are a few ways to make payment, see how to pay EIS for more information.

If you have any other questions with regards to EIS, you may contact us via the chat support or email us at


Some frequently asked questions...

The Employment Insurance System (EIS), introduced by PERKESO in January 2018, is a  scheme designed to support workers who have lost their jobs until they secure new employment. 

Contributions are gathered in a fund with the purpose of offering financial aid to those facing retrenchment. Additionally, the EIS aims to enhance welfare coverage and provide support for job searches through career counselling and assistance in finding employment opportunities.

Employer and employee contributions are payable for all Malaysian and permanent resident employees aged 18 to 59. 

Malaysian and permanent resident employees aged 60 and above, as well as all foreign employees, are exempted from contributions as they are not covered under the scheme. Employees aged between 57 and 59 who have never contributed to the EIS are also exempted.

Employee and employer contributions are approximately 0.2% of the employee’s wages subject to SOCSO. The contribution is capped at monthly wages of RM 5,000.

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