You can upload the PCB txt file generated by PayrollPanda to LHDN’s e-Data PCB website to submit and pay for your employees’ PCB contributions. If you are a first-time user, you will first need to register by clicking on First Time Login.

After logging into the account, click on Muatnaik/Semak Fail Teks/Upload/Check Text File.

Click on Browse and select the PCB txt file found in your downloaded payroll zip file. Then click on Hantar/Send after uploading the file. The file will appear in the list of uploaded files. Click on the filename to validate the text file.

After the file has been successfully validated, you can continue to update the payment method by clicking on Terus ke Maklumat Instrumen/Continue to Payment Method Information.

Update the payment amount and method by entering the information into the template below. If you are paying via FPX, you only need to enter the amount and select the payment method. Click on Hantar/Send to save the information and then Pengesahan/Validation to process the payment information.

Once the data is successfully submitted, you will get the validation slip number and proof of submission.

Payment via FPX

There are 2 ways to access FPX payment:

1. Once the txt file data has been validated, click on Bayaran FPX on the Pengesahan Maklumat Instrumen dan Data page.

2. Or click on the Menu tab and select Bayaran Melalui FPX.

The screenshot below will appear and you should input the No. Slip Pengesahan generated after you submitted and validated the txt file data. Then, click on Semak to proceed with your payment.

The screenshot below will appear when you select either method above to access the FPX payment function. Select your account type and click on Pengesan Bayaran Online (FPX) to proceed.

Click on Bayar Online FPX Sekarang to proceed with the payment.

You will be directed to the MEPS payment page where you can select your internet banking account to make payment. Click on Agree & Continue to proceed with your payment.

After you have successfully completed the FPX payment, you will be directed back to the MEPS page where you can download the transaction slip by clicking on Print.

To find out other ways to submit and pay PCB, please refer to How Do I Pay PCB?


Some frequently asked questions...

To submit and pay for employees’ PCB contributions, upload the generated PCB txt file from PayrollPanda to LHDN’s e-Data PCB website. If you’re a first-time user, register by selecting First Time Login. After logging in, go to Muatnaik/Semak Fail Teks/Upload/Check Text File, choose the PCB txt file, and click Hantar/Send. Validate the text file by clicking on the filename.

After successful validation, update the payment method by selecting Terus ke Maklumat Instrumen/Continue to Payment Method Information. Enter amount and payment method (no need to enter further details if paying via FPX), and click Hantar/Send to save the information, followed by Pengesahan/Validation to process the payment.

Upon successful submission, you’ll receive a validation slip number and proof of submission.

Learn more in detail how to submit the PCB txt file through e-Data PCB.

To make payments via FPX, there are two methods:

  • After validating the PCB txt file data, click on Bayaran FPX on the Pengesahan Maklumat Instrumen dan Data page.
  • Alternatively, go to the Menu tab, choose Bayaran Melalui FPX, and input the No. Slip Pengesahan generated after txt file submission. Select your account type, click Pengesan Bayaran Online (FPX), and then Bayar Online FPX Sekarang. Proceed to MEPS payment page, select your internet banking account, click Agree & Continue, and after successful payment, download the transaction slip from the MEPS page by clicking on Print.

Learn in more detail how to make PCB payments via FPX.

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