Every employer, as well as every company regardless of whether they have employees or not, must submit form E to LHDN. Failure to do so will result in LHDN taking action against the company’s directors.

Form E 2023 should be submitted by all companies and employers by 30 April 2024. The actual deadline is 31 March 2024 but you get a 1-month grace period for filing online. Online filing is the only option available this year so you have until 30 April to file.

For the filing to be complete, you must file both your E form and CP8D (statement of employees’ remuneration and deductions).

How to submit Form E via e-Filing? 

  1. Go to the MyTax portal.

    MyTax portal

  2. Log in by selecting your ID Type and entering your ID number and password.

    Identification type on MyTax portalLogin to MyTax portal

  3. Once logged in, click on the Role Selection dropdown menu and select Employer or Employer Representative, then click on the name of the business/company for which you want to submit the E form. If neither role appears, you can refer to this article to find out how to apply.

    Role selection on MyTax portalEmployer selection on MyTax portal

  4. Then, go to the EzHasil Services menu and select e-Data Praisi/e-CP8D to first submit your CP8D.Click on Submission of CP8D.

    Selecting e-Data Praisi/e-CP8D from EzHasil Services menu

  5. Click on Submission of CP8D.

    Submission of CP8D

  6. You have the option to fill in the employees’ details via the online form or you can simply upload the CP8D txt file generated by PayrollPanda.

    Selecting admission method for CP8D

  7. If you select Submission of CP8D (through online form), you will need to fill in all your employees’ personal and remuneration details as shown below.

    Filling in employee details and remuneration for CP8D
    Employee details and benefits for CP8D

  8. If you select Upload CP8D, you will be able to upload the CP8D txt file generated by PayrollPanda. As the txt file contains all your employees’ required personal and remuneration details, you will not have to enter them one-by-one via the online form.

    Upload file CP8D

  9. Once uploaded, your employees’ remuneration details will be displayed so you can check if they are correct.

    Employee details shown after uploading CP8D

  10. Once you have checked the details, you can click on Confirm & Submit.

    Confirm and submit CP8D

  11. You should then receive acknowledgement of the submission of your CP8D, which you can print or download by clicking on Print Confirmation.

    Acknowledgement of CP8D on MyTax

  12. Now you have submitted your CP8D, you can proceed to file form E. Go back to the ezHasil Services menu and click on e-Filing.

    Selecting e-filing on ezHasil Services

  13. Click on e-Form.
    Selecting e-Form on MyTax
  14. Select the 2023 year of assessment.

    2023 e-Form assessment

  15. Click on Teruskan.

  16. The form switches to BM, but you can switch back to English if preferred by clicking on EN at the top right of the page.
  17. Fill in any missing company details and click on Next.

    Filling in company details for e-Form submission

  18. Enter details of the number of employees at the year end and other numbers like new employees or employees who have left during the year, as well as number of employees subject to PCB. You can refer to the E form pdf generated by PayrollPanda to fill in those numbers since they have been automatically compiled for you.

    Filling in number of employees for Form-e submission

  19. Click on Next.
  20. Finally enter your designation and click on Sign & Send.

    Entering employer designation and submitting Form e

  21. To sign, enter your ID number and MyTax password.

    Entering ID and password to sign Form e submission

  22. You will receive acknowledgement of your Form e submission and you can download both the acknowledgement and the e-E.

    Acknowledgement of e-Form submission

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Some frequently asked questions...

Form E must be submitted by 31 March of the following year.  Employers have an additional 1-month grace period until 30 Apr if filing for online filing.

Failing to submit Form E by the due date may lead to LHDN taking action against the company’s directors, including a fine ranging from RM200 to RM20,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, or both.

All employers must file form E and the CP8D txt file online via MyTax. 

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