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Minimize human errors in calculations and keep compliant with latest requirements from government bodies.

Calculated taxes

Tax calculations done for you

Employees’ monthly tax deductions (PCB) will be calculated according to the LHDN calculator ensuring full compliance; taking into account their personal details, past tax contributions and all income from employment in a particular tax year.

Fluctuations in monthly PCB

Automate HR tasks

Be confident with employees’ tax e-filings preparations. PayrollPanda keeps you prepared with new joiners and leavers tax information, with easy to download TP1 and TP3 forms directly from the app. Automated PCB calculations are complete with latest rebates and deductions. 

Read on how to enter previous employment data seamlessly into your payroll system.

Generating forms
Bonus payroll item

Guaranteed tax compliance

Choose from PayrollPanda’s 80+ preset payroll items that have factored in obligatory statutory deductions and consideration of tax optimizations for PCB calculations. Keep your peace of mind that PCB exemption limit and placement of payroll items in the EA fields are always based on the latest yearly updates.

Learn more about preset payroll items

Supported onboard and offboard processes

Multiple employments within a tax year requires some time and effort on both employees and employers sides to maintain accurate information passed to the government bodies. CP22, CP22A and CP21 forms can be downloaded from PayrollPanda for these occasions, done for your convenience.

CP22 and CP21 form
Adding custom payroll items

Get equipped with smart-payroll

Leave tedious payroll decisions to the experts. With PayrollPanda’s formulated payroll items, only pick the ones your company needs from the given list when you start your payroll process. Differentiation of benefits-in-kind and prerequisites, or between tax and payroll deductions should not be a major worry when running payroll! 

Detailed payslip generation

Retrieve employees’ payslips in seconds with full information on additions and deductions present in a payroll month. Send payslips directly to employees via email or in print in a couple of clicks.

Sending payslips
Viewing PCB calculation details

Transparency at every step

Reduce complexity of tax calculations and keep in-the-know even when calculations are done automatically for you! You’ll have full access to how PCB are calculated with our PCB calculation details. 

Payroll experts

Our friendly team of payroll specialists are ready to help you with payroll calculations and monthly tax deductions support. Expect quick replies to ease your payroll worries! Try out PayrollPanda’s payroll system for FREE applicable to the first 30 days after sign up. 

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