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Automate payroll calculations

Take the guesswork out of payroll

PayrollPanda computes everything from gross salary, overtime, PCB, and more, following your specific payroll policies. No more manual entries or spreadsheet errors—just accurate payroll runs all the way.

Set up your payroll policy in minutes

Payroll tailored to your needs

Schedule your payroll cycles and customize the calculation basis for salary proration, overtime, and leave. You can also set up recurring payments for payroll items like allowances, deductions, and commissions. Once your payroll policy is set up, PayrollPanda will handle the rest.

Viewing employee information
Adding custom payroll items

Choose from over 80+ preset payroll items 

Add custom ones as needed

Access a comprehensive list of payroll items, including allowances, Benefits-in-Kind (BIK), deductions, and commissions. Add these items during payroll runs or set them up as recurring payroll components to ensure nothing is overlooked. All preset payroll items are set up according to statutory regulations.

PayrollPanda is LHDN approved

…and so are its calculations 

Have the system automatically calculate SOCSO, EIS, EPF, PCB, HRDF/HRDCorp, and other statutory contributions for your team. PayrollPanda sets the correct statutory contribution rates based on the personal details in the employee’s profile guaranteeing compliance and accuracy.

A payroll table with a list of compulsory payroll calculations
Overtime calculation

Automatic overtime calculations

Ensure no employee overtime goes underpaid

Add overtime hours to PayrollPanda for accurate OT pay calculations according to Malaysia’s laws or your company’s policies. Or better yet, integrate with Jibble for automatic transfer of overtime hours from timesheets to PayrollPanda for a seamless payroll process.

One-Click Payslips

Updated for Malaysian tax regulations

Create professional payslips with just one click. Download payslips individually or in bulk, or email them directly to your employees. Our platform ensures seamless compliance by staying updated with the latest Malaysian tax regulations and contribution requirements.

Automated salary calculations and payslips
Detailed reports of payroll expenses

Generate comprehensive payroll reports

Gain valuable insights into your labour costs and resource allocation

PayrollPanda lets you generate detailed payroll summaries or custom reports tailored to your needs. Filter reports by location, department, salary type, and other criteria to get a clear picture of your payroll data.

Seamless time and attendance integration

Accurate timesheets makes for accurate payroll

PayrollPanda conveniently integrates with one of the best time and attendance software, Jibble,  to ensure that your employees’ timesheets are precise and ready for payroll processing. By connecting your Jibble account with PayrollPanda, you can easily sync regular hours, leave data, and overtime hours to ensure no discrepancies in payroll calculations.

Jibble timesheets
Sensitive data is protected with advanced security measures

Your data, our priority

Employee data is safe with PayrollPanda

We use advanced encryption and secure storage to protect your data from unauthorized access, ensuring your information is always safe and secure.

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Expert Support

Free payroll help center and in-app live customer support you can always rely on.

Increase Productivity

Automated accurate payroll and employee self service allow you to save time and focus on your business.

Simple Payroll

Run your company’s payroll easily via our user-friendly interface. No training required.

Accessible & Secure

Access and manage your payroll from any desktop, anywhere, anytime, safely secured via SSL encryption.

Statutory Compliant

All calculations for the statutory bodies according to the legal requirements, approved by LHDN.

Thousands of SMEs trust PayrollPanda for their payroll needs!

Best Payroll System Ever!
The interface is so modern yet minimalist. All front-line analysts have the highest customer service attitude. Love everything about it.
Mariane Ng, Assistant Manager HR, Petroleum Sarawak Exploration & Production Sdn Bhd
Charlene Wong Sy, Trusted Malaysia
"One of the best Malaysian payroll softwares. User-friendly interface, automatic generation, and more; it can do virtually everything required in a payroll software. You can manage your payroll securely from anytime and anywhere."
Charlene Wong Sy, Trusted Malaysia
Excellent support
I now can process my payroll easily and PayrollPanda is always available to help when I face any problem.
Bryan Zeng, General Manager, FA Advisory Sdn Bhd
Google – Abe Blex
"User-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective; I can't recommend Payroll panda enough. It has simplified payroll management for my business with their automated features and great customer support, allowing me to focus on growing my company."
Abe Blex,
Great user interface
It makes the mundane job of payroll and employee management a lot more fun, and exciting. Payroll is well handled, as is employee leave management.
Sanjay Thaker, Business Development, Frio Malaysia
Great software!!
Its easy to use and the customer support is fantastic and friendly. It serves my purpose to remain compliant with the payroll matters.
Rizlan Shah Azlan, Operations, Cloud Nation Sdn Bhd
Payroll done in 20 minutes!
Fantastic idea. Fantastic product. Previously had to go to multiple offices monthly to make statutory payment.
Wasim Islam, Director, Chiropractic Specialty Center
Terfaktab Media
"PayrollPanda is user friendly, everything is in order and simple to use. The chat function is really useful too."
Shahireen Zulkifli,
Google – Jessica Quik
"PayrollPanda is like a plug-and-play software that can easily pickup by HR personnel. More accurate than calculating manually, automatic generations make submissions speedy and accurate. Support team is so friendly and efficient, highly recommended."
Jessica Quik,
Google – Chua Teong Jiet
"PayrollPanda is comprehensive and easy to use, especially for HR staff from a non-HR background. Helps to navigate complexities and compliances of payroll computation! FAQ is very informative, kudos to the support team too. Great software, keep it up!"
Chua Teong Jiet,


Some frequently asked questions...

Automate payroll by using payroll software that fits your business needs. These systems handle salary calculations, tax deductions, and payment disbursements, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Automated payroll software is a digital system that streamlines the payroll process by managing employee salary calculations, tax deductions, and payment disbursements. It ensures accuracy and compliance with tax regulations, automatically updates changes in tax laws, and generates detailed reports. The software can also handle benefits administration, and direct deposit setups, and provide employee self-service portals for accessing payslips and tax documents.

PayrollPanda is the best automated payroll software, trusted by thousands of Malaysian businesses. With features like one-click payslips, automatic overtime calculations, and detailed payroll reports, PayrollPanda ensures that you stay compliant with tax laws and gain valuable insights into labour costs and resource allocation.

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