Employee Self-Service

Transparency is key. Keep data accessible to your team; anywhere, anytime. Possible with seamless integrations with Jibble and other HR platforms.


Multi-platform access

Information at your fingertips! Employees have the flexibility to access their accounts on a laptop, tablet or mobile. 

Apply for leave online

Simplify your leave management workflow. Leave can be applied with a few clicks on employees’ devices; while reviews and approvals can be administered by assigned managers in minutes.

Accessing payslip

Access to payslips

Once salaries are finalized and published, employees can access their payslips online. Gone are the days of printing, signing and stamping these monthly documents. Past payslips are also readily available, whenever required.

Review personal information

Employees retain the right to view their data kept for employment purposes. This information remains available to employees to ensure full transparency between you and your staff. Their timesheet, leave data and payslips can be viewed at any time on their accounts.

Viewing employee information
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Real-time data for attendance

With Jibble’s time clock software, attendance accuracy is ensured with facial recognition and GPS tracking; making sure your team is in the right place at the right time.

Claims submissions

Set up expense policies and streamline your company’s claims processes together with salary payments through PayrollPanda’s integration with altHR. 

Syncing PayrollPanda with altHR
Notifications when clocking in and out via Jibble

Smart notifications

Keep employees informed about their leave application status, and work schedule start time reminders directly to their mobile or straight to their email inbox.

Onboarding your team is easy

Invite your team by email or SMS to your organization. Once the integration between the HR app and PayrollPanda is done, employees get maximum transparency of their employment information as soon as they log in. 

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