Mint Events Sdn Bhd

“PayrollPanda is a great tool that has really helped the company in improving efficiency and workflow productivity.”

Flying Turtle Sdn Bhd

“Our productivity has skyrocketed since we started using PayrollPanda. We’ve tried other apps in the market, but once you go ‘Panda’ you’re never going back.”

Terfaktab Media

“PayrollPanda is user friendly, everything is in order and simple to use. The chat function is really useful too.”

Excellent support

I now can process my payroll easily and PayrollPanda is always available to help when I face any problem.

Payroll done in 20 minutes!

Fantastic idea. Fantastic product. Previously had to go to multiple offices monthly to make statutory payment.

User friendly interface

Does not need much technical knowledge to setup the tool, which I can setup within a day and start using it. The support is helpful and quick.

Great user interface

It makes the mundane job of payroll and employee management a lot more fun, and exciting. Payroll is well handled, as is employee leave management.

Easy for beginners

This web-based software is easy to use for Managers with no HR background. Plus it is cheap and value for money.

Easy and reliable to use

Using the software does not need in depth knowledge of how to calculate the monthly deductions PCB and generate all other report as required by the regulatory authorities and with simple few clicks.

Saves our time

Our colleagues did not even attend training. EPF SOCSO and PCB is easily calculated and processed all online.

Simple, easy, straight forward!

On the cloud, I can access the software anytime anywhere, do not need to worry about backup, up to date system with govt requirement!

Accurate compliance

Extremely easy to use and high level of reliability in terms of legislative correctness. Great integration with QuickBooks.

User-friendly with good support

Cloud-based, easy and convenient with a helpful guide manual not only about the system but also other HR useful information.

Something for the current Generation!

It’s simple and clean UI and lots of IKRs for a newbie to brush up on current practices on the statutory requirements under the Malaysian Labour Act. Online Chats are totally awesome as well.

Great software!!

Its easy to use and the customer support is fantastic and friendly. It serves my purpose to remain compliant with the payroll matters.

Best Payroll System Ever!

The interface is so modern yet minimalist. All front-line analysts have the highest customer service attitude. Love everything about it.