Assign a manager to your employees

Assigning a manager to each of your employees is as simple as picking a name from a drop-down box. This will allow managers to approve leave requests from employees who report to them.

Learn how to assign a manager or approve leave.

Upload your Timesheet and Complete your Payroll

You can now upload your own timesheet and save yourself valuable time when processing your payroll. Simply follow our template to enter the total working and/or overtime hours, upload it and it will be automatically included in your monthly payroll!

For more information please see our help article!

Your employee payslips are more secure than ever!

We now make it easier and more secure to send payslips to your employees! All you have to do is enable “Password Protect Payslips” and you’re good to go.

Learn how to secure payslips for your employees.

Generate payroll files for Maybank2E

We’re excited to announce that we can now generate bank files for Malaysia’s largest bank - Maybank! This allows you to pay your salaries and statutory bodies directly via Maybank2E. All you need to do is upload the batch payment files generated by the PayrollPanda app after which you can process the payments. Can’t wait to get started? Have a look at our Help Article to find out how easy it is to setup.

Generate payroll files for Public Bank

We’re happy to announce that we have integrated with yet another bank - Public Bank!

This allows you to pay your salaries directly via PBe Online Banking. All you need to do is upload the batch payment file generated by the PayrollPanda app after which you can process the salary payments.

See our Help Article now to find out more.

Budget 2020: Payroll & Human Capital Highlights

Did you know that the theme for Budget 2020 is “Driving Growth & Equitable Outcomes Towards Shared Prosperity”?

Budget 2020 is drafted to promote a new growth frontier through high-value investment and to accelerate the digitalisation of the economy.

To meet the demands of current global economic order and trading systems, Budget 2020 anchors on these four thrusts:

1) Spurring economic growth in the new economy and digital era

2) Investing in Malaysians: Levelling up human capital

3) Forging a united, inclusive, and equitable society

4) Revitalisation of public institutions and finances

To make it easy to understand, we’ve rounded up the key highlights for you:

Payroll Highlights

Income tax rates review

A new band is proposed for chargeable income over RM2,000,000 to be taxed at 30%. The table below illustrates:

Expansion of the income tax relief scope for medical expenses

Resident individuals get income tax relief of up to RM6,000 on medical expenses for serious diseases regarding self, spouse, and child.

Increase in the limit of tax relief for fees paid to childcare centres and kindergartens

Increase individual income tax relief from RM1,000 to RM2,000 for parents who enrol their kids (below 6-year old) in registered childcare centres or kindergartens.

Up to RM5,000 matching grant for Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  1. A 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 per company for SMEs that subscribe to services in the following areas:
  • Electronic Point of Sales systems (e-POS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Electronic Payroll systems

2. Applies only to the first 100,000 applicants

If you want to get RM5,000 government grant for your SME, learn more here.

Human Capital Highlights

Besides taxes and payroll, levelling up human capital is also one of the key highlights in Malaysia’s recent Budget 2020. The Government wants to address the three main challenges we face in our labour market. The issues are:

  1. Concerns over half a million of unemployed Malaysians in 2018
  2. Closing the gender gap in our employment
  3. Over-reliance on low-skilled labour, especially foreign workers

The Government will review the Employment Act 1955, so these proposals can be effective. At the moment, here are some measures that the Government has proposed:

  • Increase of Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage to RM1,200 per month for major cities

  • Maternity Leave

Increasing maternity leave from 60 days to 90 days effective 2021

  • Overtime

Extending eligibility to overtime from those earning less than RM2,000 to those earning less than RM4,000 per month

  • Sexual Harassment Protocol

Improving protection and procedures for handling sexual harassment complaints

  • Provisions on Discrimination

Introducing new provisions on the prohibition of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity and gender

For the full Malaysia Budget 2020 speech, click here.

RHB bank Integration, Pay invoices via FPX and more

Another big announcement to shorten your HR process!

We just released new awesome features and integrations:

  • RHB Bank Files: We now generate batch payment files for RHB Bank which allows you to make salary and statutory payments in bulk. See our help article to get setup.
  • Pay Invoices Online: You can now pay your PayrollPanda invoice via FPX. Simply login to the PayrollPanda app, go to Settings > Subscription > Pay Online after which you can pay via your preferred bank. More info can be found here.
  • Add Overtime as a Recurring Payroll Item: If employees receive overtime payments on a monthly basis you can add it as a recurring payroll item, that way all you need to do is key-in the month-to-month changes.
  • Remove Employee Access: In case you want to remove an employee from accessing the employee portal you can revoke their access under Employees > Archived Employees > Select Employee > Remove access.

More updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Generate Socso & EIS files for online submission

Good, better, PayrollPanda! We’ve worked hard to deliver a frequently requested feature for you to help you save (even more) time! We’re happy to announce that our app now generates the EIS and Socso files for online submission.

  1. Socso: The file can be submitted via the Perkeso Assist Portal. Login and submit the Socso_Assist_Portal.txt file after which you may proceed to make payment via FPX or print the ACR form for payment at the Socso office or the bank. See our help article for further info.
  2. EIS: You can upload the EIS.txt file to the Perkeso SIP Portal. Once submitted, simply download the ECR file and bring it to the SOCSO office for payment. For further details and alternative ways to pay EIS please refer to our help article.

For any questions you may contact us via the in-app chat or log-in to try it yourself!

All New! Customize Leave Approvals, Download Enhanced Reports, AmBank Payroll Files.

You asked, we answered!

At PayrollPanda, we understand that every business is unique. Therefore, in this round of product updates, we’ve made it possible for you to customize leave approval processes. But that’s not all… Check out all the other exciting things you can now do with the easiest Payroll software!

1. Assign Managers for Leave Approval

Multiple Managers

Now you can assign more than one manager for each employee’s leave approval. Here’s how you can assign multiple managers to employees.

Multiple Management Layers

If your company practices several tiers of leave approval, you can now create the same layered structure to match. See how easy it is to set up management layers for approval.

2. Enhanced Total Reports

Our reports now come in even more detail, which means deeper insights and a better understanding of your business. You can even download reports in Total or Monthly breakdown!

3. AmBank Batch Payment Files

We now auto-generate files for Payroll, PCB, EPF and SOCSO to make things even simpler. Now, all you have to do is to upload your bulk payment files.

Our team is continuously finding ways to improve your payroll experience and providing solutions where needed. We’re looking forward to deliver more great news about new features and functionalities to you in the following weeks. Have a good day!

Excited about these new features?


Custom holidays

Yes, we did it again - another new feature is coming your way due to popular demand.

We have listened to your requests and are excited to announce that you can now simply create your own custom holiday or delete an existing one from the calendar.

Would you like to remove certain public holidays from the leave calendar or customise your own days off? Our latest feature makes this possible!Have a look at our Help Article to find out how.

Run LHDN approved payroll with PayrollPanda

We have some fantastic news to share! PayrollPanda is now officially acknowledged as an Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) approved payroll software! For more information you can see our Help Article.

As before, the PCB calculation of PayrollPanda is following the LHDN formula. To learn more, please head over to our help article “How is PCB calculated by the app?”

Pay EIS Contributions Online

Great news, EIS now accepts payments via the Perkeso SIP Portal! Making payments is simple:

  • Download the EIS.txt file from the PayrollPanda app
  • Login to the Perkeso SIP Portal
  • Upload the EIS.txt file
  • Pay via FPX

Please refer to our help article for a step-by-step guide.

Managing payroll for a few different companies? Worry not, PayrollPanda got your back!

Introducing the newly added MP account, also known as Managed Payroll Account. It is a feature we added specifically for our partners that are using PayrollPanda to manage payroll for their clients OR companies that have multiple entities to run payroll for under their group. Please contact us via chat, email or phone if you’re interested to use this feature as access to this feature is upon invite.

Can’t wait to get started? Have a look at our Help Center to find out how easy it is to manage the payroll of several companies at the same time.

Budget 2020: How to get RM5,000 government grant for your SME

The Government wants to build a Digital Malaysia in 2020. In line with this effort, they urge Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to take on digitalisation measures for their business operations.

SMEs that subscribe to services in the following areas are entitled to the rebate:

  • Electronic Point of Sales systems (e-POS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Electronic Payroll systems

50% matching grant up to RM5,000

To kickstart this initiative, the Government will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 per company for subscriptions for any of the services above.

This grant will be worth RM500 million over five years and is limited to only the first 100,000 SMEs looking to upgrade their systems. So if you’re looking to upgrade your business operations for half the price, now is the time to take advantage of this grant.

RM2mil matching grant for manufacturing & service companies

The government is also allocating RM550 million to provide Smart Automation matching grants to 1,000 manufacturing and 1,000 service-based companies.

That means, if you’re in the manufacturing industry or running a service-based company like agencies and logistics, you’re in luck. Your business could receive up to RM2 million grant to automate your business operations.

Is your business eligible for this grant?

PayrollPanda is a cloud-based system and we are considered a “subscription-based” service provider. So you’ll most likely be eligible for this grant! However, we’ll still need the Government’s final confirmation on this proposal. We’ll update as soon as we get any news.

How to apply?

The grant details are not finalised and released yet. Stay tuned for the latest announcement on how to apply. Or, you can check out SMEinfo for the latest updates.

What if I’m not a PayrollPanda user yet?

We believe in automating manual processes and increasing work efficiency. We’re empowering thousands of Malaysian SMEs like yours to run a payroll effortlessly and increasing their productivity by up to 96%.

We have successfully reduced payroll processing time for many of our clients from 2 working days to merely 15 minutes.

If you’re still running payroll manually, it’s time to leverage on this grant to upgrade your payroll system. If the Government approves this grant, you get to enjoy 50% or up to RM5,000 rebate on your subscription cost.

To get started, sign up for our free trial or book a free demo with our Payroll Experts.

Source: The Star

Integrate QuickBooks and auto-sync your payroll

You spoke, we listened! We’re really happy to announce that one of our most requested features is here - you may now connect your QuickBooks account to PayrollPanda and auto-sync your payroll data. Save time each month and ensure your accounts are updated.

PayrollPanda and QuickBooks are both in the cloud which makes the integration seamless. Once you process your monthly payroll all of your payroll figures will be auto-updated in Quickbooks. No more manual data entry necessary!

The setup is straightforward:

  1. Login to your PayrollPanda account
  2. Click on Settings > Integrations
  3. Connect your Quickbooks account
  4. Map each payroll item and you are good to go

Read our Help Article for detailed instructions.

You Asked, We Listened - New Features by Popular Demand

Check out the latest product updates…

↪️ Mobile Web Browser for Employee Account

Yes, we heard you! 😉 You can now instantly approve or reject your employees’ leaves using your mobile phones 📱, by accessing PayrollPanda’s supported mobile web browsers for employee accounts.

↪️ Different Payment Settings for Overtime, Unpaid Leave and Prorating Salary

You are now able to set different payment settings for overtime, unpaid leave and prorating salary. Customizing your Payroll is even easier than before.

↪️ Ambank Batch Payment Files

We now generate files for Salary, PCB, EPF, and SOCSO payments via Ambank. All you have to do is upload the generated files to the E-AmPayDay website.

↪️ EIS Batch Payment File

From now on, we have included the EIS bank file to our generated files compilation. Make EIS payment by uploading our generated EIS file to the bank portal, and voila🎉!

Log in now to try out new features!

We are continuously working on improving your payroll experience and look forward to delivering more great news soon.

Don’t miss any leave requests!

Good news, our Leave Management just got even better!

You can now set a reminder to approve leave requests. Simply proceed to Settings > Notifications > Reminder to Approve Leave and set the days to receive an email reminder for pending leave requests.

We constantly update our app to make your HR easier.

Do you have suggestions on how we can further improve? Let us know at

Did you check our new awesome Timesheet feature?

We’re thrilled to announce with some big news: The Timesheet Feature is here!

After months of hard work, today it’s finally released. You can now add your monthly timesheet to PayrollPanda for automatic overtime and hourly wage calculations. Timesheets will make your overtime calculations super easy.

We’d love for you to have a hands-on experience with this new feature release and assist us in identifying ways to improve. After all, the customer knows best. So put on your timesheet testing caps, and go at it!

For more info see our help article

Get the latest updates, right within the app!

No time to visit our visit our blog? No problem! You can now view the latest product updates straight from within PayrollPanda. All you need to do is look for the green dot in the top right corner of the app to know that there is a new update.

Once you click on the icon, a box will expand and show you the 3 latest updates from us. If you want to read more, you can click on the summary of the article and it will take you to our blog.

Your latest PayrollPanda updates

We are excited to announce some major product updates including leave functionality, support for larger organisations and we’ve made it even more cost-effective too!

You now get access to:

✔ FREE Leave Management - Remove the burden of HR
✔ FREE to Use - Only get charged if you run payroll
✔ Support for Large Organisations - No limit on number of employees*

Try us now and run your first payroll for FREE.


Learn how to add leave entitlement to your employees.

*The app is tested to support large sized organisations but allow us to help you in setting up if you have more than 100 employees.

Save time on your payroll with Hong Leong Connect Biz!

Once you ran your payroll our app will automatically generate the bank files for online submission to process bulk payments to your employees and the statutory bodies.

Can’t wait to get started? Have a look at our Help Center to find out how PayrollPanda makes your life easy.

Create a custom leave type

Another exciting update, you may now create your own custom leave type. Whether it’s Study Leave or Emergency Leave, you name it!

You can add a custom leave type in a few simple steps: Go to Leave Settings, click +Add Leave Type and add Leave Entitlements.

Visit our Help Article for more information on how to add a custom leave type in PayrollPanda.

Add company logo

Due to popular demand, we are thrilled to announce a long awaited feature: Add Company Logo to the app and your payslips!

You can add your company logo in a 3 simple steps: Go to Settings, Company Settings, Add company logo and upload the image.

Visit our Help Article for more information on adding your company logo.

New Update:  Set A5 Payslip & Half Working Days

We love brightening up your day with more great features we built just for you!

Latest updates:

  • Set Half-Working Days: You can now set half-working days, which may affect unpaid leave, overtime and pro-rating of salary for employees who join/leave during the payroll month. To set half-working days, simply go to Payment Settings > Working Days. See our help article for a detailed explanation.
  • A5 Payslip Format: You can opt to have your payslip size reduced to an A5 format. For that, please go to Settings > Payment Settings > Payslip Format and tick your desired payslip format. See this help article for more info.

We got more updates in store within the coming weeks!

Great News! Now you can connect your Xero account with PayrollPanda.

We’re happy to announce another exciting update: PayrollPanda now integrates with cloud accounting software Xero!

Once you connect your Xero account with PayrollPanda, all your payroll data will be automatically transferred. No more manual data entry!

The setup is simple:

  1. Login to the PayrollPanda app
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations
  3. Connect to your Xero account
  4. Map payroll items to Xero Accounts and Contacts

Read our Help Article for more info or try it now:

Integrate with Xero

We now support CIMB bank integration!

Once you ran your payroll our app will automatically generate the bank files for online submission to process bulk payments to your employees and the statutory bodies.

Can’t wait to get started? Have a look at our Help Center to find out how PayrollPanda makes your life easy.

Automatic overtime calculations

Awesome news again! Here’s another update for you to make your payroll easier and quicker! We’ve pre-setup three Overtime Payroll Items that auto-calculate overtime for you, including Normal, Rest-Day and Public OT. Read our Help Article to find out more.

New Year, New Features!

First up on our list of big features? Importing of multiple employees at once!

Can’t wait to get started? Have a look at our Help Center to find out how easy it is.

2018 payroll changes

2018 will bring about a lot of changes in regards to payroll but fret not - PayrollPanda has you covered!

Please see below for the latest updates that have been implemented into the app:

  1. 2018 public holidays have been added to the leave calendar. You can of course conveniently add or remove pre-set holidays if desired.
  2. Effective January 2018 wage/salary (February 2018 EPF contribution), the statutory contribution rate for employees will revert to the original 11% for members below age 60, and 5.5 % for those aged 60 and above. See our help article for more info.
  3. 2018 PCB rates have been updated by LHDN which have been updated accordingly into the app.
  4. The Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS/SIP) is a social security network that acts as a safety net for employees who get retrenched. Please read this article to further understand who should contribute and the contribution rates. Note that:
  1. As an employer you need to register for EIS at Perkeso, further info here.
  2. Perkeso has launched the Perkeso Assist Portal which allows you to manage Socso and EIS contribution. To register please follow these steps. Note that if you’re currently using iPERKESO you can continue to use it until further notice from Perkeso.
  3. In PayrollPanda EIS is auto-enabled for existing Socso contributors. You can enable/disable it yourself under Employees > Select Employee > Statutory Requirements.

New features: Grouping, leave report and more

We’d love to brighten up your Wednesday with some exciting news about our latest feature releases:Ready? Here’s what we have for you:

1. Location/Grouping: You can now set different working days and holidays for your employees thanks to our much awaited grouping feature. To learn more, please visit our help article.

2. Leave report: Our first version of leave report is ready! You find it under Reports > Leave.

3. Election day: May 9th has been added as a public holiday to the leave calendar for all employees. Doesn’t apply to you? Don’t worry as you can simply amend the holiday settings if required.

4. Excel summary: We have worked on making the excel payroll summary much more detailed and included a breakdown of additions and deductions for a better overview.

New updates & improvements released! 🎉

Your feedback matters and we take it seriously. We’re working hard to quickly innovate and bring the best experience to you. Here are our latest product updates…

✅ Extract Employees’ Details
You can now easily extract employees’ data and their leave details by tapping on the “Export Employee Data” button. Yay to hassle-free reporting. More details on how to extract employees’ data here.

✅ Leave in List View

Simpler leave layout 📃 so you can easily view all employees’ leave. Choose either a calendar or a list view. No more headaches when approving leave requests.

✅ Flexible HRDF Contribution
You can determine to contribute 0.5%, 1% or even automatically calculate HRDF based on your employees’ headcounts. Click here to learn more.

✅ Fully Customisable Overtime Rate
You can customise your Overtime with more flexibility. Choose any rate compliant with your company policies! Click here to learn how to add custom overtime.

✅ New Worker Status
Fulfilling your request, we’ve added “Freelancer” to our worker status! Freelancer status can now be used to make payments to contractors without statutory deductions.

✅ Improved Leave Reporting
Archived employees excluded from leave report. The details of archived employees are now automatically removed when you generate a leave report so you no longer need to manually filter them out.

We strive to keep enhancing your payroll experience. Looking forward to delivering more amazing features to you.

Log in now to try out our new features!

New update: Generate OCBC bank files & Updated Xero integration

Surprise Surprise! Check out our latest updates exclusively prepared for you by the PayrollPanda Team.

What’s new:

  • OCBC Bank Files: We now generate batch payment files for OCBC Bank which allows you to make salary and statutory payments in bulk. See our help article to get setup.
  • Xero Update: We updated the Xero integration, it’s fully customisable and allows six different mapping types to sync the payroll data to Xero bills. Read our help article for a step-by-step guide.

Latest features and news!

Another exciting PayrollPanda update! We always appreciate your feedback and have updated our app accordingly.

Latest updates and news:

  • Payroll Summary Download: You now have the ability to download the payroll summary from Step 2 of the payroll run, in order to get approval or review your payroll prior to completing it.
  • View Leave Calendar per Location: We have added a filter to the leave calendar that allows payroll admins and managers to view the calendar per location. See this help article for more info on locations.
  • New Funding: We secured RM 2.8m in new funding! This allows us to further enhance the PayrollPanda app and grow the team. The full press release can be found here. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support!
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